The popularity of remote work is growing fast. In this two-day live online workshop, you will learn how to successfully lead and manage individuals and teams who work in different locations. Acquire the tools, skills and methodologies that will help you to overcome the significant obstacles that are created by working in this way. The result is high performing teams that are highly aligned around shared purpose, processes and culture.

The Managing Teams Remotely course blends theory and practice to great effect, so the learning is embedded.

Who Should Attend

Managers and HR professionals with the responsibility of managing a team(s) working in remote structures and locations nationally or internationally. This course is also beneficial to managers of cross-functional project teams.

Added Value
A Remote Working Guidebook for HR Professionals book by Frederik Haentjens.

Benefits of Attending

  1. Define your role as a virtual leader
  2. Use several techniques to manage and maximise team’s performance
  3. Successfully introduce a communication strategy that engages team members
  4. Build a culture of accountability
  5. Coach your team to success
  6. Deliver performance feedback
  7. Overcome the challenges of managing virtually