Professional Training on Data Visualization Tailored Specifically for Human Resources Employees

Data visualization is crucial in human resources to both encourage employees in HR to engage and interact with their data and to present it to leadership. There are many data visualization possibilities within this sector from storytelling with infographics to designing interactive dashboards. The Datalabs Agency are now providing a full day workshop providing an introduction to data visualization specific to human resources. The day covers topics such as best practice in charts and diagrams and what formats and processes a HR employee can take to communicate data to the best effect. There are possibilities to further tailor the workshop to your organization by focusing more on a specific format, presenting your current style guide and using your own data in exercises. Now’s the best time to get ahead of the game with a Syntel Consultancy data visualization workshop.

Up-skill your team in the creative, visual communications for human resources. A full-day workshop that can be customized for your department or agency.

Training Overview


Understand what steps you can take to ensure your data visualization is understood, compelling and narrative driven.


Leave the workshop with a complete itinerary of all the charts you’ll ever need and how to best design them.


Designers never work in isolation. Know where designers go so you can also find assets and inspiration.


Correct layouts set the foundation for any good design. Understand and apply different layouts to see your own design tighten up.


Throughout the workshop, get ready to apply each theory point. They’re fun, provocative and immediately applicable.


Stories are fundamental to holding your target readers attention, have them remember and drive a point home. Learn how to tell a story with data.

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