Public & In-house Training

They say that the smartest people among us are those who adopt a positive attitude toward life-long learning. In other words, the smartest people are those who realize they will always have a lot to learn, and who spend their entire lives accumulating knowledge to improve their skills development process. Learning is, then, a life-long process; there is never a point at which you can stop and say that you have learnt everything, or know enough (if you want to be one of the smartest people in the room, or a sought-after professional, that is).

Whether you are a manager at your company, in the human resource management department or just an employee, we all need some skills to improve our career and personal life.

To be more, we need to become more.

Each industry, and each company within that industry, will have a different approach to skills development. Some companies will have in-house training opportunities and grants for further learning for exceptional employees. Others will have minimum standards – i.e. a set of basic skills the company requires new hires to possess before they will put in the time and money required to develop those skills further.

Some businesses will require employees to undergo a series of tests and short courses throughout their tenure to ensure that their employees continue to develop the necessary skills to remain at the forefront of knowledge and the cutting edge of their field.

We know how tough it is keeping up with the ever evolving landscape of disciplines and technologies in our industry, and many clients we’ve spoken to feel the same. Which is why we offer ongoing skills development & training to your teams as a standard part of our service to you.

This comprises three main areas:

  1. On the job training & skills development. Colocation enables your team to work closely with experts from across a wide range of creative & production disciplines. We help your team understand in detail the processes, techniques, technology and terminology involved in each field from first hand experience. Our teams are encouraged, and incentivised, to share their knowledge with you and to guide you through processes you may not yet have been exposed to.
  2. Classroom training. Where required, Syntel Consultancy also offers a bespoke training service to our clients, which can be held at your own facility. The content of each workshop can be tailored to your exact needs, delivered by one of our Syntel Consultancy approved partners or training managers.

Skills Development & Training can be provided to cover the following industries:

AI & Intelligent Automation
Call Center
Cyber Security
Corporate Learning
Customer Experience
Food & Beverage
Human Resources
Infrastructure and Development
Oil & Gas
Pharma Logistics
Project Management
Supply Chain

In addition to supporting your team, Syntel Consultancy is committed to constantly developing our own team members with class leading training and skills development, ensuring each of our employees receives a mandatory 12 days allowance per year for attending internal and external training workshops and a significant financial investment per team member for external training. We’re big believers that motivated individuals build great marketing programs. Give them the environment, resources and support they need, and trust them to get the job done.

The Advantages and Benefits of In-House Training include:

Training cost savings – Cost per delegate is typically lower than public scheduled courses due to the fact the training company only has to send a trainer to you rather than set up an environment themselves. Therefore reasonable savings can be made. We recommend to our clients if they have more than 4 people to run in-house training courses as this is the break-even point.

Travel cost savings – In addition to this, you don’t have to pay for the travel and possible accommodation costs to get your employees to the training centre. With fuel prices so high and training centres often being in the large cities where accommodation is at its most costly, this could save you a significant amount.

More focused training– Running an in-house training course for a single client can generally allow the training to be a lot more focused on the specific subjects and skills that are relevant to your business. Public scheduled courses and e-learning will often be generic for businesses of any sector or size that attend them.

Can use current work examples – Training In-House means the courses can be prepared to fix your individual issues using real-life examples and therefore have the most effect. Delegates will be able to work on current work or examples of work which relates to their roles, not a generic example.

Convenience – Organising training for a group of individuals all with their own timetables and responsibilities can be a very difficult task. However, by having In-House training courses in your own building, it can make working around people’s schedules a lot easier as you are cutting out logistical issues as well as the fact any candidates can be easily reached in case something arises that needs to be addressed quickly.

Team building – Having a room full of delegates from different departments and levels can encourage teamwork. This is a fantastic result as it is often in this social learning that the most learning is done when ideas are being bounced off each other. This will also likely lead to increased awareness and understanding of each other’s roles as well as staff morale. A friendly workplace is always a good thing.

For more information or to speak to one of the team, contact us today.