What We Do

The Message Is Clear…

We believe creative imitation of best practices is a sure-fire recipe for success and organized improvements. That’s what benchmarking against the best is all about. If you’re looking for the latest and the best in fail-safe techniques, tools, technologies and processes, look no further. Our authoritative, powerful business solutions and workshops arm you with step-by-step methodologies that help you do your job better, in less time, and with far greater impact.

Our workshop producers have day-in, day-out working contact with experts and your peers. Our workshops are based on firsthand, intimate knowledge of what’s going on in a specific subject, functional specialty or industry. Further, we have working relationships (and media partnerships) with niche-based publications. These relationships help us identify cutting-edge solutions that have significant value to participants.

Learn something new

You can only learn so much from sitting reading industry experts blogs, whitepapers, books etc. You can learn a whole lot more from watching and interacting with those experts face to face. Attending a conference/ workshop where experts are speaking will allow you to ask them all the burning questions you have. You can also ask for advice and possibly make a connection you can take advantage of in the future. And you never know, attending a conference/workshop might help you on your way to becoming an expert yourself.

Get Inspired

Hearing what workshop facilitators have done to make their business so successful can motivate you to take their lead and follow in their footsteps. It could be that they inspire you to add something new to your business or change the way you do things. Whatever it is, meeting others who have been/are successful in your industry should inspire and motivate you to reach the same level of success.

Have fun

Attending a workshop is a great opportunity to have a bit of fun without feeling guilty for missing work. If you don’t mind missing work then it is a perfect chance to get out of the office, meet like-minded people in your industry and have some fun with new people.

Two – Your business

Marketing to potential clients

If you are a B2B company, workshops can be a great way to market your business to potential clients. Speaking to people face to face who may need your products or services can be more effective than sending them an email or speaking over the phone. It allows you to show your passion for your business and directly answers any questions they may have.

Keep up to date with trends in your industry

Knowing what the latest news and trends are in your industry is key to ensuring you stay ahead of the curve and don’t fall behind the pack. Workshops usually introduce a new trend that has recently come on the scene, placing you ahead of everyone who couldn’t be bothered to attend.

Bring value back to your business

Think of attending a workshop like an investment. You pay money for a ticket, get something in return, which, given time, will provide a great ROI for your business. The skills and knowledge you learn at a conference can be invaluable to your business and can make you invaluable to your business.

Three – The People

Networking opportunities

workshops present the ideal opportunity to meet lots of like minded people who share similar interests. The people you make connections with could also prove resourceful in the future. You could meet a new supplier, someone to interview for your business podcast, or a new friend who can offer you advice.

Meet industry experts

This is your chance to meet those people that you have admired for years. Those who have had vast success in your industry and who you want to learn from first hand.

Meet new people

It is probable that the other delegates at a workshop are not that dissimilar from you. Workshops provide an environment that allows you to easily chat to new people, as they offer numerous opportunities to speak to other delegates. You already have something in common, deciding to attend the same workshop, as well as an interest in the workshop agenda.